Enjoy LoL during lockdown

stay home, stay gamer-ish !

2021 is a challenging year for many, lucky for us things like Netflix and online games exist, and they can help us forget about the outside world for hours and hours. In this article we will cover the top ways to enjoy League of Legends during covid lockdown.

#1 Get to Level 30

First thing on the to-do list is simply getting to Level 30, by reaching lvl 30 you get access to additional rune pages, new game modes like Ranked 5v5 + FLEX, and many more features that are locked behind this level requirement. Since you will have a lot of free time, we recommend to start there !

Co op vs ai is a great way to start, after that you want to progress some arams and get familiar with the mode, and as you go you can acquire new champions and skins through hextech crafting.

#2 Team up with buddies

Gathering up your mates on discord / skype or other voice coms is a great way of socializing, and creating new fun memories and stories. We all have that 1 noob friend that we like to make fun of, and if you are all around the same skill level you can play ranked together and reach that challenger dream !

#3 Stream

Many players these days enjoy working from home, and so can you ! Why not spend you free time streaming the game you love ? You will earn a super passive income and at the same time progress in the game that you enjoy and meet many new people / viewers to engage with.

#4 Save time and buy premade accounts

Another great way of skipping the grind and going straight into ranked is - buying an already made account. They come in different shapes, rare skins, high be, iron or diamond the choice is ultimately yours to make ! You can buy lol smurf accounts here


We hope you will stay safe and follow our advices on how to get the most fun out during lockdown hours.

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